Guide to Acquia Front end Specialist Certification

First and foremost i should thank Acquia Certification office for allowing me to take the Front end Specialist exam during pre-release phase itself. Myself and few of my friends have debated enough about the Front end Specialist exam on how Acquia is going to setup questions. But its quite a surprise we did not expect the way how its done. All along we where expecting the exam to focus more of UI component like HTML / CSS and JavaScript / jQuery.

Rounded Profile Pictures

Ever wondered how to create that cute little Rounded Profile Picture similar to Google+ Profile ? Its actually very simple, you can achieve this by assigning a specific CSS class (or) ID to your image tag  and create necessary CSS declarition for the same.

Here i’m demonstrating the usage of class on your image tag. if your image is <img src=“photo.jpg”> then assign a class circle to it. So your HTML tag will look like 

<img src=“photo.jpg” class=“circle”>. For this class your CSS declaration would be like below

The Bad Beast

Watch a Movie, that was created using toontastic by launchpadtoys. Believe it or not the director of this movie is Mr.Abishek Gobinath, who is 7 years old ;). The specialty of this movie is his voice modulations, he have also utilized Toontastic application very well to bring out his creativity. So what is Toontastic ?


Wolfenstein PC game was released 20 years back, to celebrate this BethSoft have launched a browser version of this game which has 3 episode / 30 levels. They also offering it for free in Apple's App Store. As a player you will be playing as a captured United States Spy , who attempts an escape from a World War II prison. The prison is called Castle Wolfenstein.

Online Version :

RPM Method : Removal of OLD Kernels

If you are someone like who always want to have the most updated software running on your Linux machine, then this quick tip is definitely for you. Updating software's does not get limited to some development & office tool, often you'll end up updating your system kernel knowing (or) unknowingly. In such cases you might have more than one kernel available in your system. Having more than one kernel is good as well bad in various scenarios.